The Languor of Youth An Extension of Snapmyhands
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he died a hero’s death
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Summer stuff

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Excuse me. Those icons of Saint Demetrios and Saint George, showing brotherly love, are just too cute.

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Sugar Subsidies Are a Bitter Deal for American Consumers


I’ve previously discussed sugar and corn syrup corporatism here.

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Faroe Islands by Bjartur Vest
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" You just might not understand it yet. But it’s cool. Family is super cool. Going home to one girl every night is super cool. Just going home and getting on the floor and playing with your child is super cool. Not wearing a red leather jacket, and just looking like a dad and shit, is like super cool. Having someone that I can call Mom again. That shit is super cool. "
- Kanye West (via nickelcobalt)
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Engineered Garments corduroy Andover jacket and cinchback pants.


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Govora by fusion-of-horizons on Flickr.
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